Our Services

We are able to offer our full transport service to you as exhibitor, your stand contractor, printer or other supplier.

The following is an overview of our services:

- pick up at your premises

- transport arrangements by road, air or sea

- customs clearance on temporary or permanent basis or under Carnet-ATA

- storage before delivery

- inbound delivery directly to your booth during the official move-in hours handling of empties

- repacking of your exhibits

- transport arrangements for return shipments

As official freight forwarder we are obliged to provide first class service. By using our service, you can be sure that we will follow up with your needs and that the material handling will be coordinated with yourself, the exhibition manager, the stand coordinator and the show-site responsible. Also a representative of IML will be available on-site during move-in, exhibition hours and move-out to be your one-stop contact.